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150 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT 05401

Made/Visible is a clothing company with soul. We believe in the beauty, individuality, and value of human life, everywhere.

About Us

The Human Revolution

A few years ago, a group of creatives, leaders, and activists found that they shared a vision for joining in the fight against the modern slave trade.

With an estimated 27 million men, women, and children in slavery today, this really is the human rights issue of our time. 

As we surveyed all the wonderful nonprofit groups and initiatives who are addressing this issue in a number of ways, a particular cause and approach rose to the surface of our conversation. The more we talked the more driven we were to act.

The particular cause was helping women affected by the global sex trade. The particular approach was creative micro-enterprise.

See, we believe there can be a more subversive solution to the sex trade than simply rescue and rehabilitation (even though both of those are hugely important). We can put the axe to the root by addressing the issues of human value and an impoverished economy - which together form the driving force behind all slavery, and especially sex trafficking. Presenting at-risk or rescued women with an opportunity to earn a living well above the national average in our manufacturing center, and then working with other organizations that are meeting housing and therapeutic needs, restores dignity and hope to the women we serve. And, this robs traffickers of their power to lure, entice, and exploit. 

If slavery is the human rights issue of our time, we want to be a part of the human revolution. We want to take the inestimable value within each person and make it visible.

Because we believe that all human beings are Worlds of Wonder. And the garments made by our team express this when we are Clothed in Splendor. Quite simply, we, all of us, are more than flesh and bone - we are Made of Much.

And now, we are...